Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sunday Standings Update - Stage 9 2013 Vuelta a España

Continuing from the previous post, here is a table of the top 40 riders in the General Classification for the Vuelta a España after stage 9. Again, the last column shows the number of places each rider has moved up or down in the standings since the previous stage.

As expected, stage 9 did not produce the same kind of time splits as stage 8—or as stage 10 will on Monday. Daniel Moreno took over the race lead with his impressive attack on the final steep kick up to the finish on Sunday. Most riders in the top 40 only rose or slid one to three spots. Pinot is the only one to have dropped back as many as five spots, and Purito’s four-spot jump up to 6th place puts him among the best improvers on stage 9.

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